Company Overview

Masterheat Gulf Industrial and Trading WLL, a superlative UAE based company which primarily provides turnkey heating solutions for industrial, commercial and also domestic purposes. Our company currently functions through three dedicated plants using various heating technologies and employs over 50 dedicated employees. It began its operations in 1989 as the first heating solution company and presently has placed itself as the foremost renowned heating manufacturer/solution provider in the UAE, serving the needs of the entire gulf region. With a rich background of dwelling in varied technological challenges and delivery of robust systems for the past 25 years, MHG now intends to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand of heating applications, thus enriching the high yield potential of the industrial sectors and in turn its economy across the gulf region. MHG is and will remain the foremost leading heating solutions organization in the gulf creating a portal which will offer, periodic distributional contracts, product and service exclusivity to potential clients along with driving ambitions to grow in dominance and competitiveness.

Description of the Company

Our Mission Statement

The principle goal of MHG is to become the entire gulf region premier heating solution provider, specifically to every organization which has engineering needs for its heat related requirements thus partnering and ensuring the fulfillment of their targeted specified completion of their end product.

Our Vision

Our Skills

Engineering, Designing & Project Turnkey Solutions
Manufacture, Supply, Install, Repair & Maintenance.
Customer Service & Technical Support
Management & Sales
Marketing & Distribution-ship



Incorporated as a private organization in 1989, MHG started as the first heating manufacturing unit in the gulf. As one is aware, in the field of electromechanical engineering, heating plays a very integral role in order to reach the mission target of the specific application. Embracing this virgin concept, the board engineer of MHG, formulated a team of widely experienced professionals to spearhead the manufacturing of vital heating products and services. Today, with over 25 years’ of experience, MHG offers the most comprehensive and diversified heating engineering solutions and technologies, thus making itself a name in this niche market and making it the most sought after organization for its expertise.



Furthering detailed studies, research and exploration of our specialized service, MHG has earned its much deserved reputation as the most sought after heating engineering designers, customizing solutions in specified detail to all kind of industry requirements and client needs and preferences.

From the main triple plant headquarter in U.A.E and our newly based Doha industrial setup in Qatar; our commitments extend to all aspects of market service and production excellence namely;

  • The broadest product line manufacturer in the heating industry, providing correct solution to any mass level of customer product desire.
  • The largest stock inventory in the heating industry thus providing immediate customer delivery of wide range of regular heating requirements and their control systems.
  • Over 50,000 custom designed and pre-engineered products to provide heating solutions for virtually any applications.
  • Highly qualified factory trained engineers and technicians providing local customer assistance along with experienced technical advice to solve any heating queries.
  • Over 40 highly trained factory personnel and staff committed to expert productive and administrative management.
  • Continued Investment Commitment to provide the latest manufacturing technology machinery which assures consistent and reliable quality end result.
  • New product designs to provide state of the art expertise on heating control and systems.




Kanthal is a world leading brand for heating product quality raw materials in the area of industrial technology and amperage resistance materials, primarily for measured heat controlling. The Kanthal brand belongs to Sandvik Materials, a Swedish based business portal. Considering Sandvik’s worldwide sales and standard product quality, MHG are proud to announce ourselves as the agents with sole distribution-ship rights in the gulf for this reputed organization. Utilization of quality raw materials from Kanthal have assured us of the high end product quality and being the best engineering practice in this business.



With totally automated design technology, the MHG factory is programmed to test critical parameters like temperature controls and pressure automatically through dedicated electronic circuit boards for full functional analysis and component level reliability.

Significantly in-house researched major breakthroughs for complex heating solutions have resulted in unmatched product quality and consistency, along with efficient control system designs to provide customers with improved accuracy, increased reliability, faster response and cost effective measures.

Resultant benefits from highly responsive manufacturing techniques, skilled engineering methods employed and supporter delivery are passed on to customers in the form of superior service quality.

Our advanced in house updated servers and their dedicated databases enables the software to enhance response with varied designs and their respective costing/quotation, accuracy of order filling, real-time inventory status and instantaneous confirmation of job queries.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems allow engineering to quickly rectify existing prints or modification to better developed designs.

Field technicians are supported with direct supervision of engineers and dedicated product experts for purpose of supply and installation. As per agreed job terms and conditions, we take up turn key projects, do regular commissioning and service maintenance; undertake repairs which then become our responsibility with precise warranty validations and standard certifications.



Future is to develop a proliferative strategic framework, which would act as a foundation for product and service distribution-ship along with authorizing and recognizing our clients with true alliance of an ideal partnership.

We welcome new heating solutions and challenges by improvising our present structural operating protocols, for the best possible outcome. As we focus on continued progress, we intend to adapt a strong tradition of innovation by offering distribution-ship with complete supplier support of our researched and developed heating products.

“Our aim is to be known and recognized as the most innovative and committed manufacturer of heating solutions for all varied industries as well as being the leading heating experts for times to come.”

Esteemed Clients