With totally automated design technology, the MHG factory is programmed to test critical parameters like temperature controls and pressure automatically through dedicated electronic circuit boards for full functional analysis and component level reliability. Our in house teams’ co-ordinate in real time with customer needs/specifications and is in continuous loop with the start to finish of a product roll over.

The value of customer service, follow up, and coordination are our number one priority. MHG has the ability to provide quotes with the fastest turnaround time. We make every effort to have custom made designs preferably delivered within a day with uncompromised quality. Our final delivered goods individually undergo stringent quality control & internal factory tests which ensure high reliability of every heat driving product.

Don’t wait for your goods to arrive in 5 or 6 weeks. We can accommodate your schedule! If your machine is down and you are facing production costs and delays, call us. Our heaters come in a number of different wattages, voltages and dimensions to fit anyone’s needs. Our production facility allows us to make custom made heaters in a day! We handle all the paperwork and processing documents so that you can focus on more important things such as your production and your valuable clients.

Kanthal is a world leading brand for heating product quality raw materials in the area of industrial technology and amperage resistance materials, primarily for measured heat controlling. The Kanthal brand belongs to Sandvik Materials, a Swedish based business portal. Considering Sandvik’s worldwide sales and standard product quality, MHG are proud to announce ourselves as the agents with sole distribution-ship rights in the gulf for this reputed organization.