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Shortwave based infrared headers are used in industry processes where the need for rapid heat generating systems is prominent. As the name suggests, these heaters operate on infrared waves that are known to generate large amount of heat in a shorter duration of time. The heat is transmitted from one point to another in the form of electromagnetic waves.

What is the advantage of using shortwave based infrared heaters?

From amongst the many processes available to generate heat, this emerges as a preferred option because of the following reasons:

-Since the heating is done through radiation, the loss of energy is minimum.

-More heat is generated in a shorter duration of time ensuring that the task is accomplished in a shorter duration of time.

-Due to its higher efficiency, using the infrared heater helps in saving time as well money masking it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Types of short wave infrared heaters

  • Short wave infrared lamp: They are the fastest in transmitting heat and are most suitable for specific applications involving vacuum technology as well as dust free (clean room) conditions.
  • Short wave infrared module: Used in variety of industry processes, the heat generated from these modules can be regulated in accordance to specific requirements.
  • Twin tube short wave infrared heater: Made up of 8-shape high-purity clear quartz twin tube, these heaters consist of a tungsten coil with halogen gas flowing through it to generate the heat.
  • Star Filament short wave infrared heaters: The special design of the lamp reduces the operating temperature along it to generate long wave radiation for greater effectiveness.
  • Special short wave infrared heaters
  • Mounting clamps for infrared heater

Why choose us?

Ace Heat Tech offers the expertise and experience that guarantees quality in the heaters made by us. Our heaters are specifically designed to meet industry requirements in the cost effective way.