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Short Wave Infrared Heaters
About This Project


Short Wave IR Lamp transmits heat in the form of electromagnetic waves at a velocity of approximately 3,00,000 Km/Sec i.e., at the speed of light.

These lamps are not only the fastest in transmitting heat but are most suitable for specific applications involving vacuum technology and dust free (clean room) conditions.


  • Heating is done by radiation, this eliminates loss of energy used for heating media and heat loss due to convection
  • Here the infrared waves penetrate the material, on which it falls and delivers the heat directly to that material

Models Available

Short wave IR lamps are available in different lengths from 5″ to 30″ or as per customer specifications.


  • PET preform heating in stretch blow molding machines
  • Printing ink drying in offset machines
  • Paper coating drying
  • Pre – heating prior to embossing
  • Screen printing curing on T – shirts
  • Textiles and many more

Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Infrared heat is transmitted directly in the form of electromagnetic rays, at a avelocity of approx. 300,000 km/sec: i.e. at the speed of light. but is also suitable for particularly demanding applications such as Vacuum technology and clean room conditions.

Infrared heat is particularly economical on energy compared to other heat sources beacause it acts quickly, directly on products. Short Wave IR emitters are suitable for all applications in which the attainment of high temperatures in the shortest possible time is what counts.

Types of Clear Quartz Infrared Heater

Standard Sizes Available

Code Heated Length HL(mm) Overall Length OL(mm) Wattage (W) Voltage (V)
SW 500 127 212 500 240
SW 1000 254 348 1000 240
SW 1600 S 406 500 1600 240
SW 1600 D 406 500 1600 415
SW 2000 S 508 626 2000 240
SW 2000 D 508 626 2000 415
SW 2500 D 635 728 2500 415
SW 3000 S 508 626 3000 240
SW 3000 D 765 875 3000 415
SW 2000 SP 1020 1120 2000 240

Small Round Ceramic Cap

Big Round Ceramic Cap

Double Ceramic Cap

Metal Rod Type Holder

Metal Cap Bare Nickel Lead Wires

Rectangular Ceramic Cap Without Coating

Ruby Red Colour Infrared Heaters

Ruby Lamps emits warm red light and could be widely used in outdoor or indoor heating device. Ruby lamp delivers the heat to product fast and directly without heating the surroundings air due to the nature of radiation.

It has no dust or pollution during operation. Thus, it is not only an energy – efficiency system but also a clean and environmental frinedly heating solutions.

Infrared Emitters with Coating (Reflectors)

  • All of our Emitters can be coated with a layer of gold or ceramic as reflectors. The gold/ceramic coating can concentrate the heat, increasinag the effectiveness of the heat output. The emitters with coating are highly economical, converting practically all the consumed electrical power into heat.
  • For the emitters with high watt density or the surface temperature of the tube above 800° C, we suggest to use ceramic coating as reflector because the temparature resistance is up to 1000° C.
  • In addition to 180° (half-tube) coating, we also manufacture 270° coating or orther customer specified degres.

White Coated Small Round Ceramic Cap

Gold Coated Small Round Ceramic Cap

White Coated Rectangular Ceramic Cap

Gold Coated Rectangular Ceramic Cap

Whitee Coated Metal Clip Type Holder

Double Gold Coated with Rectangular Cap

Note : Other than above types we can also supply Short. Wave Infrared heaters in different shapeslike Round, C Shape, U Shape etc. as pr customer requirenment. We can also supply carbon filment Infrared Heaters as per requirenment.