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When it comes to Ceramic Infrared Heater the FSR SeriesHTS series Ceramic etc. are Elstein Made In Germany Heaters of Ace is one of the most reliable and Energy Efficient options for industries like as follows:

  • Plastic Industry
  • Printing and Packaging Industry
  • Pharmaceutical/ Medical/ Instrumentation Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Surface Technology
  • Paper machines for heating paper
  • Equipment for soldering printed circuit boards
  • Equipment for the acceleration of chemical conversions
  • Heating Systems for after-tempering injection moulded parts
  • Heating Equipment for glass and ceramic for further processing
  • Heating Equipment for environmental chambers
  • Ovens for drying glued wood and furniture parts
  • Ovens for drying raw and printed wallpaper
  • Ovens for drying finished fabrics
  • Ovens for drying washed fabrics
  • Ovens for tempering glass

This list of applications could be continued further on. It results from the fact that heating or drying systems based on infrared are required in almost all kinds of industrial production, processing or finishing.

Having acquired the industrial expertise by serving a diverse variety of clients, Ace has always projected itself as a brand synonymous with quality, credibility and affordability. Understanding the client’s requirements to precision, Ace works hard to identify the best suited process that can be blended with the existing industrial operations in order to maximize the returns from the business.

Guided by a strong desire to innovate and establish new benchmarks, Ace currently offers as well as exports products like Elstein HTS High Temperature Heaters and Elstein Ceramic Infrared Heaters as well. In spite of its recent inception, the company has grown far and wide in terms of establishing an international presence through its exports. Thanks to the end to end support provided by Ace Heaters, it comes across as the one stop solution for a variety of process heating requirements of several industrial processes.

Following a professional business conduct, Ace has always laid a stern emphasis on quality being the foremost focus at the heart of all offerings. At Ace Heat Technologies, the job does not end at merely developing the process heating solutions. In fact, the effort continues as the team strives to innovate in order to develop solutions that are effective, efficient as well as affordable. The client support services by Ace are always there to support business owners as they establish and streamline their products.