Master Heat | Application Industries
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Our electric infrared heating elements, systems and temperature controllers, find applications in different industrial units as enlisted below. Moreover, we specialize in developing custom based heaters, to precisely meet the specifications, the temperature control & process heating requirements of these industries.

Our heaters are widely used in:

Plastic Industry

Thermoforming Machines Vacuum Forming Machines Vacuum Forming Machines
PVC pipe belling machine Hot stamping machine Lamination Industries Machine

Printing & Packaging Industry

Flexographic printing machine Shrink packaging machines Lamination / Coating machines
Screen printing machines Silicon release paper & films

Pharmaceutical / Medical / Instrumentation Industry

Warmer / Incubator Heat therapy and radiation in physical therapy & massage Dryer

Textile Industry

Sizing Machine Dryer Ink curing on fabrics Textile / Garment Printing Machines
Ink Drying for t-shirt printing

Automobile Industry

Paint shop

Food Industry

Heating chocolate coating Food Industry Conveyor Module System Peanuts / Cashew nut Dryer